Anonymous asked:

ok honestly sam did fucking nothin wrong he touched a girls but so what they can suck it the fuck up. I'd laugh tbh. people don't know how to take a joke anymore smh. and if DAN or Phil did that don't bullshit anyone you wouldnt care you'd be like omg haha so funny. so just get over and everyone needs to move on

danlsnotonfire answered:

the ignorance and insolence in this message is abhorrent. sam did a lot more than touch girls (which is legally classified as sexual harassment and is punishable by law), he was accused by several women of rape. none of this is a joke, if you’re laughing, you’re part of the problem. and if dan or phil did do something like this, i am NOT bullshitting you when i say that i would no longer continue to support them. things like this aren’t funny to me, and i have too many friends who have been sexually abused to just turn a blind eye to this.